Communication, collaboration, and work-related services all in one place


Integrate Your Company and Unify Knowledge

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Keep your business informed by targeting publications to users and groups. Ensure the delivery of qualified information to its destination.


Encourage cooperation between areas and provide strategic knowledge retention by offering unified tools to employees.


Instantly see what colleagues are sharing for a snapshot of what’s going on in your company at any given moment.


Deliver unified access to day-to-day employee work tools. Turn your social intranet into an employee service platform and increase the productivity of your business.


Reach all your employees and unify the communication of the organization.


Keep All Employees Up-To-Date with in-house information.

Beehome news tool
Post news or make announcements and keep your team informed about your company.
Delivery and Reports
Provide specific content for selected locations, business units, or teams, depending on your specific needs. Make sure that targeted information reaches the audience for whom it’s most relevant. Follow the audience through graphs. Get access to read reports, peak times and most read news.


Organize and publicize the corporate and social events of your company.

Beehome events tool
Post general events or events targeted to selected groups. Promote regional holidays or departmental calendars.
Control presence through Qrcodes readings. Get detailed guest attendance reports.


Your company's corporate video library.

Beehome videos tool
Share videos of institutional campaigns, training, among others. Create a unique video library for your business.
Any Device
The platform transforms videos into formats that allow them to be viewed in the mobile app or browser on your computer.

Surveys and Quiz

Listen to your employees! Provide a variety of survey formats and understand what your company thinks.

Beehome survey tool
Provide simple surveys or complex questionnaires with open, optional and multiple-choice questions. You can also post Quiz: which are surveys where the right answers are set by the publisher.
Let everyone weigh in on company decisions, regardless of whether they’re in the same office or across the planet.

Quick Links

Give users access to important or popular content or services at the touch of a button.

Beehome quick links tool
Gateway to your organization
The more everyday ‘work’ that can be channeled through your intranet, the bigger the ‘pull’ to it. A vital intranet, therefore, should provide quick and seamless access to business-critical tools, applications, and processes.
To avoid long lists, Beehome allows the categorization of lists to provide a faster experience for your user.

Video Wall

Delivers eye-catching experience to employees and maximize content delivery.

Beehome videowall tool
Display the latest news, videos, employee birthdays, company events all in one place. Manage the content from your desktop and increase the visibility of your messages.
Easy to Deploy
All content is centrally managed through Beehome. Fully customized template and allow multiple TVs with different content each.

Today’s workforce needs a new workspace.


Organize your documents securely and unify files in one place.

Beehome documents tool
Users have access to a personal folder that can be shared with other users. Group folders serve as a content repository for multiple users and are controlled by permissions.
Access Control
All document folders can be accessed through both the portal and the mobile app. Manage access through permissions given to users.


Enable users to create content and enrich the knowledge of your business.

Beehome wiki tool
Promote linked pages with corporate or regulatory content to your employees for easy access to information
Keep track of new pages created by your employees and the most popular pages. Organize pages by departmental content.


Collaborative task management for teams large and small.

Beehome tasks tool
Increase the efficiency of your business with a task manager. Define who can open tasks for whom. Prioritize the most important. You will know in real-time what is happening on your team.
Employees can assign tasks to themselves or colleagues and can delegate the tasks they received. Include followers who will always be up to date on demand status.

Discussion Forums

Provide a place for your company to discuss issues in a structured way.

Beehome forums tool
Promote organized discussions on departmental topics around organizational topics and encourage collaboration across areas. Through stored questions and answers, gain retention of functional knowledge.
Beehome allows users to save forum posts and access them later. The information will always be available easily and efficiently.


Find anything, anywhere

Beehome tags and labels tool
Search for matching users, subjects, discussions, or documents universally across the entire network.
Search by Tags
search for tags in content or hashtags in posts, and comments. Find correlated content and deepen your knowledge of a particular subject.


Organize colaboradores em torno de temas relevantes.

Beehome workgroups tool
Workgroups help employees make decisions and keep their team up to date. Everything your team needs to discuss a project or manage a business demand.
All in one place
Each group acts as a workplace, which not only stores important files and data, but also serves for discussions, tasks, announcements, and surveys.

Idea Management

Capture, develop and prioritize ideas from your employees

Beehome ideas and innovation management tool
Create campaigns based on company needs. Any employee can express an idea to improve operations and let colleagues evaluate the idea.
Prioritization and selection of ideas that best fit the business strategy, deploying them and tracking the progress of innovation.


Manage corporate campaigns and distribute points according to employee engagement

Beehome gamification tool
Define Rules
Choose a campaign period and set how many points the user will receive for each action on the platform.
Follow in real-time the most engaged employees and reward with recognition those employees who achieved the goals set in the campaign.

Know what’s happening anywhere!


Instantly see what colleagues are sharing for a snapshot of what’s going on in your company at any given moment.

Beehome timeline tool
Post news and updates, ask questions, make announcements, or share ideas using a familiar, social network user interface.
Mark Important Posts
Not everything demands immediate attention — when you “star” a post, it’s instantly added to a list for later review and follow up.


Select key users an let them share their knowledge with other employees

Beehome blogs tool
Employees can influence and increase the knowledge of your company. Allow them to contribute by posting texts on blogs across themes or departments.
Blogs are great for sharing knowledge, updates from leadership and employee experiences. A blog may be departmental and have multiple editors.


Create portable, on-demand audio communication channels for your business.

Beehome podcasts tool
Make radio programs available to collaborators. Managers, directors and even the presidency can use a simple and practical tool for sharing thoughts, directions or training.
Imagine your employees can be skilled in commuting or on the way to work. Spread the word about training, approach techniques, contouring strategies and more.


Get the answers you need now.

Beehome chat tool
Have secure, real-time conversations with coworkers across countries and continents, on any desktop or mobile smart-device.
Presence Status
Use the presence indicator and status message to immediately know if a coworker’s online or off, and if they’re busy or not.

Photo Albums

An integrated area for storing and disseminating photos of your company's events.

Beehome photo albums tool
Store and share photos of company events. Publish an album and its photos and disseminate it to all contributors. Forget the idea of sending an email with photo messages attached.
Allow photo comments and ensure a visual record history of your company.


Showcase all your employees skills.

Beehome user profile  tool
Promote yourself by adding recent contributions, work you’ve done in the past at other jobs, and even your passions and hobbies.
Integrate user functional profile data with external tools such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Employee Expertise Search

Find and identify employees within the company to their knowledge.

Beehome expertise management tool
Beehome collects user behavior and assigns a user knowledge tag according to the user's internal score. This tag is now available on the user's profile.
Employees include their skills according to a corporate list. Perform integrated searches and find who can help you in a need.

Recognition Cards

Show your appreciation towards your colleagues

Beehome recognition cards tool
Supervisors and management can give 'awards' visible to all or part of the company, or simply individually. These cards show up in the timeline and in the profile of the user.
Create your cards according to your company culture. Define your own design.

Employee Service Anniversary

Recognize employees on their service anniversaries.

Beehome emplyee service anniversary tool
When the employee is recognized, a link is created between the employee and the company. Beehome highlights and makes it possible to honor the employee for the anniversary of working time.
Beehome manages, from the employee's admission date, employees' service anniversaries and displays a custom message to the user.

Employee Birthdays

Information about employees birthdays: for today and next months.

Beehome birthdays tool
Don’t Miss
Keep track of all employee birthdays so that workers can be informed regarding upcoming birthdays; when exactly and who’s the nearest birthday will take place.
Configure Birthday Cards
Beehome allows managers to configure a digital birthday card to be displayed for the user on his birthday.

Simplify HR Services and Get Them to All of Your Employees

Business Climate

Employee mood assessment

Beehome business climate tool
By accessing the platform the user views an area to select their corporate sentiment. After choosing the sentiment, the platform asks if they want to send a message to the company.
Administrators have access to a dashboard with indicators history, daily history, and counters by mood type. Measure and improve employees' business climate is one of the key proactive actions to reduce turn-over, find management gaps and increase productivity.

Learning Management System

Organize, track and distribute online courses for formal learning

Beehome lms tool
Content friendly
Build courses by re-using Presentations or Videos you already have. Support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types. Extensive reporting on test results.
Learning Paths
Restrict the way that courses can be completed or course content can be viewed. Files repository: Organize, reuse and share files with selected users.

Employee Performance Appraisal

Online performance management tool

Beehome Employee Performance Appraisal tool
Get Reviews Done
Automate the performance review process using e-signatures, automatic notifications, and unlimited job specific templates. Gather useful data and reports from completed reviews.
Develop Great Employees
Identify top performers and areas for improvement with the statistics dashboard. Employees can keep track of growth with journaling and goal management.

Employees Onboarding

Plan and distribute content for the employee's early days in the company

Beehome Employees Onboarding tool
Easy Access
Enable employees to access informational materials from the company such as organization history, processes, number of employees, information subsidiaries and departments, organization charts, products and services and all information that contributes to the performance of the new employee
Plan and Manage
Plan viewing dates for content by days employee's initials. Define content according to employee positions and track information visualization reports.

Vacation Requests

Emplooyee Vacation Manager

Beehome Emplooyee Vacation Manager tool
Capture and process your employees’ holiday submissions quickly and efficiently with digital vacation request forms, simplifying processes and helping your employees with holiday planning.
Integrate with your System
The module is ready to integrate with the main ERPs of the Marketplace. This way, your Human Resources team will not need to perform any reprocessing.

Employee Timesheet

Automate and Simplify Your employees work time and shifts.

Beehome Emplooyee Timesheet tool
Automated Timesheets & Reports
Generate automated Timesheets & Reports for Payroll, Billing or Productivity Improvement.
Enabled to Integration
The tool is ready to be integrated with the main HR systems available. Managers can approve absentee requests through the mobile app and can track their team's positive and negative timesheet.

Employees Feedback

Encourage safe contact with your employee.

Beehome Emplooyee Feedback tool
feedback from everyone
Beehome gathers feedback from your employees anywhere and anytime. Accessible via web and mobile app. You can be sure that every employee will be involved in the engagement journey.
Track and manage
Turn employee feedback into real results. Beehome allows you to plan, track and measure the impact of your employee engagement initiatives throughout your business. Help everyone in your organization to reach their full potential.

Job Opportunities

Inform your company about available job openings.

Beehome Job Opportunities tool
Spreads the job openings available in your company. Enter job details such as department, salary, and desired experience.
One Click Action
Employees can apply for vacancies just by clicking a button without sending attachments or emails.

Online Paycheck

Integrated Paycheck distribution for your employees.

Beehome Paycheck tool
Easy Access
The module integrates with your financial system, imports paycheck data and makes it available to employees.
Ready to Plug
Beehome is designed to be able to integrate with main systems or ERP's in the market.

Online Orgchart

Your Company, departments and organization made available visually.

Beehome Orgchart tool
View the organizational structure of your assembled business from the corporate profiles. Organize work teams and visualize departmental managers.
Change information in organization chart and reflect profile updates from users. Keep the org chart up to date, by integrating with leading HR systems in the industry.

Employee Training Management

Organize and plan employee training.

Beehome Employee Training Management tool
Classes and Rooms
Create a training trail for your employee. Register the trainings, group them into themes, set locations, dates and times.
Control class attendance by QR Code read. Create reviews after the trainings and extract reports of courses efficiency managers.

New Hires

When a new employee starts, make sure they feel welcome!

Beehome New Hires  tool
Introduce and welcome new employees in a special page. Insert comments and display pictures from new hires
Beehome automatically manage the new hires list by using the admission date informed during the user registration.

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